The 432nd Momoiro Clover Z Trans America Ultra Live


Hi everyone! If you’re a regular (or even irregular) listener of the podcast you probably know I’m a pretty big idol fan. During the course of our episodes I generally only talk about anime-relevant idol groups like μ’s and Aqours, so you might not know that my favorite idol group is Momoiro Clover Z. You might have heard them while watching Sailor Moon Crystal, Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F, Yosuga no Sora, Dragon Crisis, Joshiraku, or Bodacious Space Pirates, all of which they provided opening or ending themes for.

Momoiro Clover Z represents the zenith of what modern day idol groups mean to me. I won’t bore you with how much I love them or why, but hopefully that message comes through my writing loud and clear.

This past weekend I was able to see them in New York at the Playstation Theater on the last leg of their three-part US tour, the 432nd Momoiro Clover Z Trans America Ultra Live (ed note: it isn’t actually their 432nd… this was their second time in the US and their first tour here). I had a VIP ticket granting me access to a special MomoClo history session and meet and greet with the girls before the show. Before I get into that VIP session I have to talk about what may have been the biggest and most moving part of the entire experience: the fans. The rest after the jump!

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