Our Summer Convention Schedule!

Anime Festival Orlando – June 9-11th

Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL

Pretty Rhythms and Idol Activities 

Friday @ 2:30pm Panel Room 2

Moe Military 

Friday @ 3:30pm Panel Room 4

Hentai Terminology 101 (18+)

Saturday @ 11:30pm Panel Room 2

A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Hip-Hop

Sunday @ 1:15pm Panel Room 3


Anime Expo – July 1-4th

Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

We’re not doing any fan panels at this one but we’re attending with press privileges so you can expect plenty of video content, write-ups, industry coverage and on-the-street dispatches!


Metrocon – August 3-6th

Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL

Pretty Rhythms and Idol Activities 

Thursday @ 7pm Anime Track A-Panel Room 24

Is Your Merch a Fake?

Friday @ 9pm Anime Track B-Panel Room 25

Anime Films of the Last 5 Years

Friday @ 10pm Anime Track B-Panel Room 25

An Introduction to Japanese Hip-Hop 

Friday @11pm Miscellaneous Track Panel Room 18

The Studio Trigger HYPER-Panel

Saturday @ 10am Anime Track B-Panel Room 25



Concert Diary: Shonen Knife made me Shonen Jump

It’s not often that Japanese acts come through our neck of the woods down here in Florida. In fact it hasn’t happened in so long that, the past few weeks excluded, I can’t remember the last time it happened in my lifetime. So imagine my surprise and delight when Osaka-born three-piece all-girl band Shonen Knife announced their latest U.S. tour and lo and behold, they had dates in both Tampa and Orlando. Unfortunately Patrick and I couldn’t attend their show in our hometown of Tampa this Saturday, so we decided to brave the 3-hour round trip to Florida’s own metropolis of nerd culture Orlando to see the rare sight of a J-Rock band live and in concert.

Boy, was it worth it.

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