#44 | The Summer Anime Hype Train | Oh no, Anime! The Podcast


The summer anime season is here in a big way, so of course we had to talk about it in-depth. That’s pretty much the entire show this time around, so settle in and let’s talk about some anime.

All intro/break/outro music for this episode is by Toshiki Kadomatsu and can be found on YouTube:
Intro: Lucky Lady Feel so Good
Break: Fly by Day
Outro: Take You to the Sky High

Concert Diary: Asian Kungfu Generation at the NOVO LA

Asian Kungfu Generation is one of the two bands I constantly tell myself I need to see live before I die, and seeing them last night at the NOVO in downtown Los Angeles during Anime Expo weekend couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario to complete this mission that was years in the making. Last night’s lineup was the same as it has been since 1996, with the always-charming Masafumi Gotou on vocals and rhythm guitar, bassist Takahiro Yamada, lead guitarist Kensuke Kita and drummer Kiyoshi Ijichi. Additionally, a keyboardist joined them for last night’s show, from an up-and-coming J-rock band that I unfortunately completely forgot the name of in the constant madness of this weekend. The fact that these guys have been together for over 20 years was evident- AKG’s live sound is one of the best I’ve ever heard, with stunning and effortless chemistry on stage and fantastic multi-layered vocals and guitar work that absolute stunned me, despite the fact that I was expecting great things from this band’s live show.

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TRIGGER Panel Write-up

If I had to pick one panel to attend each year I’d do TRIGGER every time. This year was just solidified that feeling. Anime Expo is full of amazing panels and amazing news but no one quite gets it like TRIGGER. Their show started with their producers and creators coming down the aisles from the back using money guns to shoot Luluco dollar bills at the crowd. Talk about setting the tone!

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AX2017 Day 2 Recap: FLCL 2+3, Studio Trigger, Aniplex of America and more!

Day 2 was by far our busiest day of the convention as we saw, among other stuff, the world premiere of the FLCL 2 trailer, 3 new Trigger properties announced, and much, much more. Check out our recap video then hit the jump for our individual takes.

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