About Us

Oh no, Anime!

Oh no, Anime! began as a podcast on iTunes in late April 2015. After determining that their opinions on cartoons were so great that they should be heard by all Marc and Patrick ventured through the Amazon (.com) to pick up the mystical Blue Snowball Microphone. Since then they have expanded to several podcast hosting sites as well as posting additional content on YouTube. Rumors have it that their next venture is on RedTube!


Patrick is the type of anime fan to tell you his first anime was Love Hina… even though it was probably Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon, DBZ, Zoids, or something like that. The point is, Love Hina was his first anime that mattered. Since early 2005 his life has spiraled farther and farther into Anime Hell and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You can currently find him on twitter at @patrick130m where he’s crying about how great Aqours is and probably retweeting silly Overwatch content.


Marc is new in the game as a full weeaboo, having watched the classics all his life but only just in 2013 fully dedicating his remaining free time to anime. Since then he has immersed himself in all aspects of the culture and fully enjoyed every single second of it. When not editing videos or putting together exceptionally tasteful cover photos, he’s probably writing, making music or taking artistic photos of action figures. You can find him on instagram @voxinverse, on soundcloud as vermillionaire, and on twitter @vermillionair3.

Contact Us

Oh no, Anime! can be contacted primarily through their email at [email protected]. If you need their attention quicker than that feel free to hit them up on twitter @ohnoanime. Patrick’s glued to that damned thing.