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Anime Films of the Last Five Years

Happy Monday everyone! We attended Metrocon in our hometown of Tampa, Florida last weekend and brought a whopping five panels with us! Three of them were repeats, two of them were first times (Studio Trigger Hype panel and Anime Films of the Last Five Years). We had a couple people after the panel ask us if we had a list anywhere of the movies we used. We said nope! You should have been taking notes dammit!

So anyway, here’s a list of movies we spoke about along with short descriptions (ones with trailers will be bolded):

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TRIGGER Panel Write-up

If I had to pick one panel to attend each year I’d do TRIGGER every time. This year was just solidified that feeling. Anime Expo is full of amazing panels and amazing news but no one quite gets it like TRIGGER. Their show started with their producers and creators coming down the aisles from the back using money guns to shoot Luluco dollar bills at the crowd. Talk about setting the tone!

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Welcome to our new Yakuza based play through series!

In this first episode of Kamurocho a-Gogo we scratch the surface of all the myriad minigames in the Kamurocho section of Yakuza 0, playing pocket circuit, visiting the batting cages, playing some darts and pool, watching some erotic videos, dancing like a fool at the disco club, and finally rounding the night out with some karaoke.