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Anime Films of the Last Five Years

Happy Monday everyone! We attended Metrocon in our hometown of Tampa, Florida last weekend and brought a whopping five panels with us! Three of them were repeats, two of them were first times (Studio Trigger Hype panel and Anime Films of the Last Five Years). We had a couple people after the panel ask us if we had a list anywhere of the movies we used. We said nope! You should have been taking notes dammit!

So anyway, here’s a list of movies we spoke about along with short descriptions (ones with trailers will be bolded):

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Concert Diary: Asian Kungfu Generation at the NOVO LA

Asian Kungfu Generation is one of the two bands I constantly tell myself I need to see live before I die, and seeing them last night at the NOVO in downtown Los Angeles during Anime Expo weekend couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario to complete this mission that was years in the making. Last night’s lineup was the same as it has been since 1996, with the always-charming Masafumi Gotou on vocals and rhythm guitar, bassist Takahiro Yamada, lead guitarist Kensuke Kita and drummer Kiyoshi Ijichi. Additionally, a keyboardist joined them for last night’s show, from an up-and-coming J-rock band that I unfortunately completely forgot the name of in the constant madness of this weekend. The fact that these guys have been together for over 20 years was evident- AKG’s live sound is one of the best I’ve ever heard, with stunning and effortless chemistry on stage and fantastic multi-layered vocals and guitar work that absolute stunned me, despite the fact that I was expecting great things from this band’s live show.

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TRIGGER Panel Write-up

If I had to pick one panel to attend each year I’d do TRIGGER every time. This year was just solidified that feeling. Anime Expo is full of amazing panels and amazing news but no one quite gets it like TRIGGER. Their show started with their producers and creators coming down the aisles from the back using money guns to shoot Luluco dollar bills at the crowd. Talk about setting the tone!

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Concert Diary: Shonen Knife made me Shonen Jump

It’s not often that Japanese acts come through our neck of the woods down here in Florida. In fact it hasn’t happened in so long that, the past few weeks excluded, I can’t remember the last time it happened in my lifetime. So imagine my surprise and delight when Osaka-born three-piece all-girl band Shonen Knife announced their latest U.S. tour and lo and behold, they had dates in both Tampa and Orlando. Unfortunately Patrick and I couldn’t attend their show in our hometown of Tampa this Saturday, so we decided to brave the 3-hour round trip to Florida’s own metropolis of nerd culture Orlando to see the rare sight of a J-Rock band live and in concert.

Boy, was it worth it.

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Macross at the Yokohama Arena: Walkure Can’t be Stopped

Macross and Walkure

Macross has always been about three things: a love triangle, robots, and music. For me, since my introduction to the series with Frontier in late 2007, my primary concern has always been the music. Now spanning over 35 years, Macross as a series has provided a unique look into the progression of contemporary Japanese music; each incarnation of it reflecting a popular genre of music at the time. It’s only natural then that the newest series be about an idol group, and that idol group is Walkure. Named for the goddesses of the battlefield in Norse mythology, in the anime they’re known as Tactical Sound Unit Walkure and use their live performances to combat the Var syndrome.

Two years ago, as Macross Delta was being announced and revealed for the first time, I never would have guessed that I’d get to see this incarnation of Macross’s galactic superstars in the flesh.


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